November 15, 2016

About us

Bee-Eye, founded in 2009, is a consulting company focusing on Business Intelligence (BI). The company was created mainly to deliver BI solutions to executives, a segment which BI success has seldom alluded. Based on in depth knowledge in strategic management and BI best practices, Bee-Eye is tailoring successful executive BI solutions.

We share our expertise with our customers both in the business layer and the logical architecture layer which are the foundation to any successful BI solution. We strongly believe that properly deployed information is crucial to the success of our customers, therefore we provide sound methodology and best practices to achieve meaningful dashboards which enhance managers intuition and enable business insight at a glance.

In a short time, Bee-Eye has established a reputation for uncompromised quality and integrity in dealing with its clients, partners, and employees.

We take a great pride in impacting the way our customers run their business.

Finally, we enjoy what we do and do it with a passion.

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